Support Group Set

Program Description

The Heart Healthy Support Group set offers venues for patients, spouses or partners of patients to share their experiences about their health. The program includes diagnosis-specific support group options such as Cardiomyopathy/ICD group, Atrial Fibrillation group, Coronary Disease group, Diabetes group, and Obesity Group.


Support Structure


  • Group facilitation by heart patients/spouses and or professional counselors.
  • Focus is on support, transcending feelings of isolation, depression etc.
  • Discuss participant progress and challenges, inspire hope through example participant cases from those who have succeeded in the transformation to heart healthy lifestyles.
  • Support emotional intimacy and build new friendships.
  • Offered in weekly or bi-weekly/monthly group meetings.
  • Discussion groups led by either a counselor or individuals who have advanced successfully in the program.
  • Access through periodic group sessions with an anticipated duration based on participant needs including a  target of a one year period which can be extended beyond.