Diet Solution Set

Program Description

The Diet Set is focused on education and adoption of healthy food selection and eating habits. The program includes interactive classroom-based programs with potential collaboration with local marketplace partners such as grocery and restaurant locations and Cooking classes – “Heart Healthy,” “Cooking with Diabetes,” “Eat Well While Losing Weight,” “Healthy Gourmet”. Web-based modules are also available for nutrition and diet education and for disease-appropriate cooking principles, recipes and instruction.


Activity options include heart healthy menu design, meal preparation education, spousal support for managing dietary compliance, group events where recipes can be swapped or tested. Monthly events held at the YMCA or locations which offer a meeting and kitchen based area for preparing/educating participants on meal preparation.


Support Structure 

  • Dietician and structured weight management program designs along with healthy diet development resources to achieve specific outcomes such as low sodium, low fat or other considerations. Web-based program applications.
  • Personalized program design at entry point into the program.  Periodic check-in visits and diet outcome metric monitoring, both web-based and in person.
  • Anticipated duration of one year period, which can be extended.
  • Social activity sponsors for recipe exchanges, pot luck dinner socials and reference sourcing of information on healthy diets. 
  • Program partner discounts and special programs for participants such as cooking classes or dinners.

Dietary tiers

  • Heart Healthy diet
  • Diabetic diet
  • Weight reduction and maintenance diet
  • “Special Condition” diets (e.g. Low Protein diet for kidney disease, Gluten-free diet for Celiac Disease, Lactose-free diet for lactose intolerance)