Our Model

The Healthy Hearts for Life Learning Model


The HHFL Applied Learning Model (ALM) provides a structured approach to the change management challenges facing heart patients and at risk individuals.  The ALM approach offers a comprehensive and integrated progression of learning support steps throughout the lifecycle of behavioral change. Applied learning offers a more practical combination of learning styles.  ALM blends the skills of traditional education methods with the opportunity to deploy and practice new techniques by applying them in everyday activities.  

Visualize-Understanding the challenges of healthy heart lifestyle changes and ALM tools for preventing or stabilizing/reversing heart disease.


This first learning step is focused on building a shared understanding of heart disease and preventative action needs and serves as the foundation for success in the program. The Visualize design objectives are focused on establishing a shared understanding of the Applied Learning Model including the process, information, cost and organizational support network. The first step also serves to set the correct expectations early on in the learning lifecycle.


Prioritize-Baseline Individual Healthy Hearts Metrics, Target Goals and Personal Milestone Priorities that Match the Challenge and Capabilities of the Participant.

The Prioritize Learning Step is focused on developing a personalized learning strategy.  The Healthy Hearts strategy deployment begins with development of a personal baseline of the participant’s key heart healthy metrics, improvement goals and priorities. The learning step will be completed through a one on one discussion between the participant and their assigned Healthy Hearts lifestyle coach. 

Configure – Developing a Detailed Heart Healthy Plan and the Right Configuration of HHFL Solution Modules

The Configure Learning Step is focused on advancing the participant’s priority strategy into a personalized Healthy Hearts plan of action.  During the Configure learning step, participants will work with the Lifestyle Coach and Solution Building Block Leaders.   The participants will be given introductory solution building block materials, guided through related scheduling information, answer any questions and assist them in the completion of their plan.

Achieve – Practice through Deployment of the Solution Building Blocks

The last step is focused on implementation of the participant’s plan.  Participants will then concentrate on practicing their new skills over an extended period.  The lifestyle coach will follow up with a monthly meeting and periodic progress reviews via a web-based system tracking system (part of a central technology platform), and by phone or e-mail between the meetings to insure continuity and motivation.  The goal is to shift the participants’ thinking and behaviors to a point where the adoption of these practices becomes the new norm for the participants.