Presenting Healthy Hearts for Life



Preventing heart disease and improving the outcomes and quality of life of people with cardiovascular disease through collaborative applied learning models, an integrated support network of solution components and long term behavioral modification.



The Healthy Hearts for Life Vision is to create an integrated learning environment that supports participants and their medical service team members in setting and achieving participant goals for preventing, containing or reversing the progression of cardiovascular disease over an extended period of time.  



Our Background

Founded in 2011 by James Alderman, M.D. and David Demers, Healthy Hearts is an early stage health service organization, based at the Metrowest YMCA in Framingham, MA.  Drawing on the thought leadership from experts in behavior change, cardiology, nutrition, physiology and technology,  a beta project is being launched in 2013 in conjunction with the Heart Center of MetroWest, Vanguard Health System’s MetroWest Medical Center and St. Vincent Medical Center.  Future plans include a nationwide roll-out of the program with selected sponsor organizations. 


Helping you achieve the goals you set